More ADHD Coach Wendy Recommended Resources! Not everything fits into a neat category, so here are some additional tools I love that can help support you on your journey to a more full and productive life.

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Working Memory Hacks 
I don't know about you... but I often have a running commentary in my head that goes something like this..."Did I feed the dog? Did I already take my meds?  Did I shut the garage door?  What did I come into this room for?" Here are some tools I have found to support those working memory challenges.
Pet Feeding Reminder
This visual tool not only serves as a reminder for my own ADHD brain, but also supports communication with the rest of the household to make sure we aren't overfeeding our four-legged family member (who likes to pretend he is starving at any given moment!). In our house we have it attached to the lid of the dog food container.

Mindfulness Resources
Better Than Yesterday - 365 Daily Challenges to Live a More Confident, Fulfilling, and Carefree Life
from Case Kenny, creator of The New Mindset Movement
This mindfulness card game encourages you to do one thing out of the ordinary each day to raise  your standards, ask for what you want in life, find inner peace and love yourself more than ever. Push yourself to commit to 365 days of becoming the best version of you!
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